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Contract Review Service

Even your friends who went to law school would have trouble reading half the contracts you have to sign in your daily life. That’s why it’s no surprise that many people look for help in getting a contract reviewed.

Almost everything nowadays involves a contract. For starters, there’s your car lease, home mortgage, and even your iTunes account. Think back: How much of the fine print did you actually read in any of these legal agreements?

Why Should You Get a Contract Reviewed?
A contract is a legal document that creates binding rights and obligations. But not all contracts are enforceable under the law. Some contracts, like those for the sale of a house, must contain certain elements like a description of the property and the purchase price. But other types of contracts may not need to spell everything out in such detail.

A written contract may also include ambiguous or confusing terms that can be open to interpretation, penalties that are disproportionate to any potential contract breach, or even one-sided stipulations that are unfair to a particular party.

For all these reasons and more, it’s generally wise to get a contract reviewed by a legal professional before you sign it.

Contract Review Service
Send us your contract and our professionals will evaluate and explain the content. We ensure there are no loosely worded provisions, exclusions or restrictions within a contract and send back a revision of the original contract. We accept contracts at all hours and weekends.

Understand What You Sign
It is important you understand the content of any contract you are signing. We have professionals specializing in business and contract law.  Contact us for more information or have questions about our contract review service.