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What Is A C-Corporation?
A C-Corporation is a powerful tool that can provide tremendous benefits. They provide limited liability to the owners, provide the greatest tax benefits and flexibility in transferring ownership.
A Corporation is owned by its shareholders. Shareholders can be individuals or other entities such as another Corporation, trust or a Limited Liability Company. Although a Corporation usually has more than one owner, it is possible for only one individual to create and own 100 percent of the Corporation. 

Corporations must file their own tax return. In most cases, the corporate level of tax is less than the individual rate. 
Asset Protection: 
The owners or shareholders of a Corporation cannot be held personally liable for the actions of the business except in the case of outright fraud. If the Corporation is properly established and maintained, the individual shareholders are not personally liable for the losses of the business and creditors may only look to the Corporation and the business assets for payment.
Quick Benefits List: 
Asset Protection
Tax Savings
Fringe Benefits
Easier Transfer of Ownership
Centralized Management
Corporations are legally required to observe corporate formalities. Corporate formalities consist of the holding and documentation of all company meetings, the formal approval of major corporate decisions and the approval of the board of directors and shareholders. Failure to meet these requirements will lead to the disallowance of tax deductions and the asset protection that the Corporation provides. With the Corporate Veil Protection Service  you can enjoy all the benefits a Corporation provides, without the hassles and headaches of doing all the paperwork yourself. 
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